Thursday, September 15, 2011

MUSICAL GUESTS: Steph Stewart & her Boyfriends

Fronted by budding songwriter Steph Stewart and long-time musician Tim Stambaugh (dobro, banjo, bouzouki), Steph Stewart & the Boyfriends is a duo, sometimes trio, formed by a chance jam session at a local farm's annual harvest festival. Drawn together by a collective musical intuition, the two began collaborating on Steph's original tunes, with Tim’s traditional back-porch style accompaniment weaving expertly through Steph’s haunting melodies.

Steph grew up singing along with classics like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash; these influences, along with more contemporary songwriters such as Neko Case and Gillian Welch, echo throughout her own music. Professionally, she cut her teeth in the Triangle’s music scene, playing coffee house circuits and frequenting open mic nights as a way to develop her sound. Her recent song writing has taken a significant shift, moving away from personal reflection and toward a fascinating exploration of darker, untold histories.

Tim learned to play the banjo and guitar while growing up in the blue ridge mountains near Asheville, NC, and has since been a fixture on the North Carolina bluegrass scene for nearly two decades. Prior to joining Steph, he also toured the world with his music several times, including extended tours in Taiwan and Eastern Europe. Their combined experience and dedication to their craft allow them to assemble the perfect show for any occasion or environment.

A fusion of old Appalachia and modern Americana, Steph Stewart and The Boyfriends' sound is raw, rare and strangely familiar.

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