Friday, July 29, 2011

MUSICAL GUESTS: Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson is an award-winning gypsy jazz and blues guitarist (We're currently dubbing his innovated genre mix of gypsy jazz, blues, and bluegrass "Gypsy Bluejazz"!). He has enjoyed a decade of professional experience as both a performing and studio musician, and has offered over 2500 professional performances to date. He has also released 9 albums thus far: 5 as principal collaborator, and 4 as solo artist. His versatile style instantly draws comparisons to other great guitarists like Django Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, Sonny Landreth, & Jimi Hendrix.

An artist unwilling to be restricted by the traditional "rules and norms" of any one genre, Justin's unique sound is the direct result of his passion for widely varying musical styles, combined with extraordinary technical proficiency that allows him to combine and cross genres seamlessly. With his unorthodox approach, he blends techniques, tones, rhythms, & harmonies from multiple styles, finding the soulful common ground that they share~ The result is a sound unlike any other, sincere and soulful explorations, waxing between playful romps across the strings and hauntingly pensive dreamscapes that are a mix of blues, psychedelia, & something otherworldly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GUESTS: The Steampunk Family

the vonHedwig Family - "Saving the world, one questionable decision at a time."

Steampunk (n.) A literary and cultural movement based on the principle that Jules Verne should have been right, that both people and things should be elegant and functional, and that I want a zeppelin.

Family (n.) People you love, live with, are related to, or cannot otherwise avoid.

The Steampunk Family likes to make things. They like to make beautiful, and when possible, functional things. If a thing cannot be useful, let it at least be beautiful, and if it cannot be beautiful, do we really need it?

They want better, not more. They curb skim and dumpster dive proudly, to make the unused and unappreciated into the unique and useful. They want the work of their hearts, hands, minds, and tongues to be art. They, themselves want to live as art. For more information, check out