Friday, August 6, 2010

Herbal Pillows

Sinus Headache Pillow

Cut two pieces of material 10 x 4 inches and sew together. Making a bag, leave one end open and stuff your bag with the following ingredients;

Mix together in a bowl;

1/2 cup of flax seeds 1 part crushed spearmint leaf 1 part crushed peppermint leaf
1 part lavender buds 1 part eucalyptus leaf 1 part rosemary leaf

Stuff the bag and sew of the end!

Dream Pillow

Combine the following in a bowl;

1 cup mugwort 1/2 cup rose petals 1/2 cup german chamomile
1/2 cup sweet hops 1/3 cup lavender buds 1/3 cup crushed catnip
1/4 cup peppermint

Mix the ingredients together....make cloth bags from a 5 x 12 inch piece of material....fill the bag with your the top of the bag shut.

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