Friday, May 21, 2010

How to make your own Victorian Centerpiece

Every table can become an eye-catching display when adorned with a beautiful Victorian centerpiece. You can use a tall candelabra or compote for this arrangement. The following project uses winter flowers and greenery intended for a Christmas centerpiece, but you can use different flowers depending on the season.

Silk or fresh flowers such as red roses
Florist's clay
Ivy (or other greenery)
Gold spray paint

1. Begin by spraying gold paint over paint twigs and pine cones in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors). Let dry.
2. Cut florist clay to fit the size of your bowl. If you are using a candelabra that does not have a bowl for a floral arrangement built in, use a florist bowl. If you are using a compote or a candelabra with a place for centerpiece, then your arrangement will go directly in the compote or center.
3. Place the florist clay inside the bowl. If you are using fresh flowers, you will need to first soak the clay in water, and also add water to the bowl.
4. Cut ivy or greenery to size, such that they will drape down the bowl.
5. Stick stems into the florist clay along the outer edge, like a crown.
6. Cut the roses to size and add roses into the centerpiece, beginning with the tallest rose at the top, and working in a circle, like a nosegay.
7. Stick gilded pine cones and twigs in the arrangement as desired.
8. Accent your table with red votive candles, red glass stemware, and a bowl of sparkling red and green ornaments as a display piece.

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